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JavaScript Drives Robots

This is great!  You can now use simple JavaScript to program robots.  And I mean actual robots that blink eyes, move around the room, pick up Coke cans and do other robot stuff.  Here is a podcast that explains how this happens:

All you need is a bit of web programming know-how (and I’m talking rather basic stuff), the Johnny Five library that runs on node.js and a simple Adruino open source micro controller!

Why is this big news?  Because, all of these technology components are simple, easy to get hold of and easy to learn.  And this allows almost anyone to get into robotics, play around and contribute.


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WebRTC – A Lot More Than Just Another Skype

webRTCI have recently come across WebRTC (RTC stands for Real Time Communication) and found it to be a very neat piece of technology.

WebRTC is a suite of protocols, standards and APIs that allow real time browser-to-browser communication on a peer-to-peer basis.  Well, not quite exactly that if there are firewalls involved, but you get the point.

This doesn’t just mean instant chat, video messaging, file exchange, i.e. things that the likes of Skype are already do well.  This means a lot of other things, and it is this extension on the usual Skype-like functionality that is the really exciting part.  Basically we now have the ability to bring to life any kind of instant interaction between two web browsing experiences across the world – what I do in my browser while I surf the net determines what you see in your browser!


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